Leg Avenue brings the world of demure, seductive styles of hosiery for women. Women love Leg Avenue hosiery because its unique frisky twist, it complements everyone’s fashion sense for a mid-range price. Our hosiery collection consists over 500 different original styles of fine quality fabric.

Our designers have a passionate eye for detail. They pay very close attention to the cut and the fabric choice for our hosiery. The fabric must have the desired look and feel. We want our hosiery to stay in good shape and of course it has to feel soft against the skin.

Because of the great variety in hosiery styles, it can literally complete every style, for everyone, on every moment. Bloggers and inspirational women all over the web are loving Leg Avenue. Whether women seek a classy, sexy, fun, fashionable, or grunchy look: Leg Avenue covers it all.


Leg Avenue could very well be the most seductive lingerie brand a woman could own and wear. Our mission is to make women look and feel exceptionally beautiful and sexy. Escaping our everyday realities is a fantasy we have all indulged in. Leg Avenue helps women to escape to that fantasy place with beautiful, unique and exquisitely designed lingerie. Leg Avenue is a celebration of all that is feminine and flirty.

We offer three lingerie collections. The first one is our regular lingerie collection which contains all sorts of styles, from a classy vintage inspired look, to more naughty and daring styles. Not only is our lingerie a confident booster, it can create an extra ‘OOMPF’ to any fashionable outfit. We all know lingerie is very suitable for bedroom playtime, but frisky ladies who think out of the box will complete any fashion look with our lingerie. 

Our second lingerie collection is KINK. This soft bondage collection represents a naughty mind with an elegant touch, which also shines through in the photography. Leg Avenue gave ‘KINK’ a new definition and made it very accessible to everyone, experienced or not.

The third lingerie collection is for fuller figured ladies. We believe that feminine shapes are something to be proud of, our Queen Size lingerie enhances the female body.



Leg Avenue was the first company ever, to create feminine costumes. With these ground-breaking designs, Leg Avenue took over the costume market and became one of the leading manufacturers of costumes. Even now, over fifteen years later, Leg Avenue remains to be the leader in the costume business.

Our costumes are created with care for the female body, women will always look feminine and beautiful wearing our costumes. The design team pays very close attention to the cut and fabric choice, to make sure that the high standards meet with the desires and needs of the customer. There is no brand that uses as much panels in the patterns of costumes as we do, this is the key ingredient of our feminine and well-fitting costumes.

Leg Avenue’s costume collection contains over 700 styles of costumes and accessories, all up to date with the latest trends. We cover all themes, every desire and every style there is, and offer the possibility to complete any look with fun hosiery.